Healing Touch Training: FAQs From Prospective Students


If you have a deep desire to provide care in a way that does not involve medicine, healing touch could be an area of training that you should consider. Becoming certified in healing touch, which often has other names like reiki, opens up a lot of doors where career opportunities are concerned. Healing touch involves using only light massage, bodily energy, and applied pressure to help relieve some types of ailments. This alternative treatment is extremely popular for patients who are looking for safe treatment methods for things like chronic pain. Here is a look at some of the common questions about healing touch training and certification. 

Where do you go for healing touch training?

Healing touch training is most often offered by a healing touch school where the primary focus is on training individuals interested in this form of therapy provision. Because healing touch is not always recognized as a form of medical treatment, this is not the type of training you will often find at most colleges and universities. However, there are a few schools who do offer healing touch training as a small part of other programs. 

What will you learn during healing touch therapy training?

The exact level of learning you will experience will depend greatly on where you go to school to get your training. However, there are general concepts taught during training that tend to be common among all healing touch teaching settings. You will likely learn things like: 

  • How the body's energy system works
  • Specific techniques used in healing touch training
  • What parts of the body are most susceptible to healing touch

In addition to the traditional training and techniques, some schools that teach healing touch also focus on the business side of treatment. Therefore, you may actually learn about things like ethics in healing touch business settings and how to nurture a healthy client-provider relationship.

What kinds of jobs can you get once you have been certified in healing touch?

In larger cities, there may be large healing touch facilities that employ several certified treatment providers. However, if you live in an area that does not have a lot of alternative treatment facilities on a larger scale, you can often find employment at spas, medical spas, and even physical therapy centers. A lot of certified healing touch therapists choose to branch out on their own and open their own treatment office, which is always a good idea as well. 

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16 March 2018

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